Hertz Rent2Buy, rent and test your second-hand car before you buy it

Currently, there are almost infinite possibilities of to buy a second-hand car. Since the typical particular the dealership. However, various avenues have opened up in recent times, and one of them is Hertz Rent2Buy. A practical solution, reliable and simple to take a car from occasion to home with a very competitive price.


And is that Hertz knows of the need to test a car before you buy it, more if it is one second-hand. That’s why the american company allows you to have a test a week the car that you want to buy. All of this without any commitment. If after those five days you decide that it is not your car, nothing happens, there is more to choose from.

What are the benefits of this system versus the traditional? Well simple, try the car with peace of mind and confidence. Take it to work, weekend, and even to your trusted mechanic to give you the okay, because obviously each car that Hertz Rent2Buy makes the sale has been reviewed and certified.

If you already have your chosen model, within the great variety that Hertz puts at your disposal, there comes the time of checkout. As the official dealer, the company puts at your disposal a service of financing with which you can pay your car safely and comfortably. It is most also offer a package of services, which includes maintenance and insurance.

are Currently available to almost 9,000 car to buy. Of all the brands and mechanical. So you only have to visit Hertz Rent2Buy, find the one that best suits your needs, try it and buy it. All of them with less than two years old and with the official guarantee of the brand.