High performance at low cost: these are the ten sports with the best relationship euro/horse

The cars are more powerful than ever before. There is No doubt. Since it is normal for a compact sports rub 400 HP and that the hiperdeportivos break the barrier of 1,000 HP with extreme ease. But today, we are in plan saving. We all love the high performance, but what we want is to pay as little as possible for those hundreds of horses that we love. What good is a Lamborghini Aventador has 700 HP if I can’t afford to pay even a quarter of its price? For this reason, we have prepared a list with the 10 sporting – whether utilitarian, compact, SUV or coupes – with the relation euro/horse more favourable market. Few less euros we have to pay for the horse, the better.

would You like to know what are the cars on sale cheaper give us the horse? Stay with us.

1) Nissan 370Z: 328 CV, 32.900€. 100,30€/HP

nissan-370z-2015-4-1440pxThe Nissan 370Z gives a fist on the table, with a gigantic price reduction that puts you at the head of this list, very advantaged over the rest. Just 100€ per each horse power, extracted from a 3.7 V6 a maximum power of 328 HP, mounted on a body coupe traditional. A car of which a few remain: the muscle car japanese is cheaper than ever. It is a car that has passed through our hands several times, in its standard version, in the version NISMO, and even on a frozen lake in Finland.

2) Renault Mégane RS 265: 265 HP, 28.730€. 108,41€/HP

renault-megane-03-1440pxThe Renault Mégane RS takes years between us, and is still positioning itself as one of the alternatives more affordable if what you want is a compact sports truth to a cost content. Less than 30,000€ for a car whose version Trophy beat the record high for the back of front wheel drive vehicles in the Green Hell until being surpassed by the Honda Civic Type R. Not a bad pedigree, without a doubt.

3) Nissan Juke Nismo RS: 218 HP, 23.700€. 108,71€/HP

Nissan_Juke_Nismo_RS_prueba_2015_mapdm_33For just us $ 0.30 additional for horse, and prior disbursement of 23.700€ we can be the owners of the Nissan Juke market’s most powerful, if quirky and schizophrenic Juke-R allows me. We talk of a manual version and front-wheel drive, which is incidentally the most lightweight and prestacional of the range Juke. In this case, better to forget about all-wheel drive and automatic. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our special High Performance about this small crossover sports.

4) Volkswagen Polo GTI: 192 HP, 21.045€. 109,61€/HP

VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTIThe new Volkswagen Polo GTI has recently been released to the market, and one of its main incentives account with a engine 1.8 TSI 192 HP, based on the family EA888, with very little consumption and excellent performance. It is one of the compact sports cheapest on the market: thanks to their current promotions of the launch is even cheaper than a Fiesta ST. We have tasted in circuit in the new Volkswagen Polo GTI and I have told in detail in our in-depth article in motor High Performance.

5) Honda Civic Type R 2015: 310 HP, 34,500 persons€. 111,29€/HP

2015 Civic Type-R Honda Civic Type R will be launched on the market in a couple of months, and will do so with a price of 34,500 euros for a tremendous power of 310 HP, extracted from its engine 2.0 i-VTEC Turbo. In addition to an aesthetic that polarizes the opinion of the public – that is not indifferent at all – the Type R has already proven that it is the front-wheel-drive faster on the Nürburgring. You must respond to the expectations and the undeniable legacy of the family Type R) of great historical weight in Honda.

6) Opel Astra OPC: 280 HP, 31.773€. 113,47€/HP

opel-astra-opc-baratosAlthough it is now a time with us in the market, we have not forgotten about the Opel Astra OPC. Your ground-breaking aesthetic based on the Opel Astra GTC and its engine 2.0 Turbo 280 CV also does not leave us indifferent in the field of high-performance. By little more than 30,000€ this compact almost 300 HP can be ours, provided that this does not load a lot of extra equipment, of course.

7) Peugeot 208 GTi 3p: 200 HP, 23.130€. 115,65€/HP

Peugeot_208_GTI_30th_prueba_34If the abbreviations GTi still meaning something, has been possibly thanks to cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTI or the Peugeot 205 GTi. Acronyms of huge historical weight in the sport-utility Peugeot, whose current 208 GTi enjoys a engine 1.6 turbo 200 HP. A very significant step forward with respect to the 207, more decaffeinated than a GTi in French it should be. A few months ago, we put the Peugeot 208 GTi against the ropes with a genuine 205 GTi 130 CV, a classic in excellent condition. Are you going to lose?

8) SEAT Leon SC Cupra 280: 280 HP, 32.520€. 116,14€/HP

seat-leon-cupra-280-201406High Performance Made in Spain. Our SEAT Leon SC Cupra costs only 32.520€ and us offers 280 HP, removed from their 2.0 TSI. Although the Ibiza Cupra I used to be the winner of the relation euro/horse in the SEAT, the Cupra more powerful than the story that takes the cake. A compact comfortable, quality and very dynamic in their versions, Cupra and FR. It only costs 600€ more than the Cupra 265 HP. Your previous generation in your version Cupra R left me in love with, so I don’t see the time in qatar the current version Cupra.

9) Ford Fiesta ST 3p: 182 HP, 21.300€. 117,03€/HP

ford_fiesta_st_portada_breve_1440 Ford Fiesta ST was the winner of our comparative sport utility. This utility is imposed on the Clio RS or Polo GTI thanks to its simplicity, dynamic, tight and genuine character. The utility is more faithful to the principles of the small GTI, and the cheapest in its segment. An option to bear in mind, definitely. Though not as powerful as other rivals, the advantage in price and exceeds in sensations. And if, in addition, are give the gift of a horse-power for only 117,03€, all the better.

10) Renault Clio RS: 200 HP, 23.650€. 118,25€/HP

Renault_Clio_RS_220_Trophy_EDC_2015_DM_9Although it has just released a version of Trophy, the Renault Clio RS continues to be the main supply of Renault in the field of high-performance affordable. With a engine 1.6 turbo and 200 HP of power is one of the contenders most powerful in the segment, but it is in my opinion limited – sensations – only to have a gearbox double clutch. Your version Trophy nor is it a manual, while it improves the responsiveness of the gearbox.

how High-performance for little more than 30,000€? Yes friends, for the joy of all it is still possible to. After writing this article I think I am calmer, and I hope I have helped you see that it is still possible to buy features without having to empty the bank account and hipotecarnos for 10 years. In addition, all of the members of this list are cars very fun. What is a Porsche 911 Carrera S-more sporty and prestacional? Without a doubt. But think of the more than 300€ per horse to pay at the dealership.

What do you think of this metric euro/horse? Disparad in the comments.

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