High RS Works: The smallest of Suzuki already has their version more extreme

The Suzuki Alto RS Works is the latest update of the smaller models in the family Suzuki. It has the same engine three-cylinder 0.6-liter that produces 64 horsepower.

Suzuki Alto RS WorksAndl last march Suzuki not surprising in the framework of the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Alto Turbo RS, the variant with benefits of sports the smallest of their models.

is a small kei car, more compact than a MINI three-door and with half of its weight, which uses a DOHC engine, 3-cylinder, with 660 cubic centimeters and displacement that develops a power of 64 hp with 98 ft-lbs of torque in its Turbo version RS.

Mechanically Turbo RS feature suspensions more rigid and a lower clearance, a new anti-roll bar, rear, stability control with a new calibration and a steering system with variable assistance for increased rigidity, elements that combine to offer a ride with a improved dynamic behavior.

But for the new RS Works, the house japanese used the services of Suzuki Sport, who modified some elements to make it even more sporty. Won a manual change of five marches of short trips, recalibró the steering system for improved response, at the same time that the suspensions were updated with a shock absorbers KYB.

At a visual level, the Suzuki Alto RS Works won a few painted alloy wheels in black, front brake calipers painted red-and-adhesive side that identify the special series. On the inside won a few sports seats signed by Recaro, pedal steel, red stitching, new instrumentation, and some appliques that simulate the carbon fiber.

All of these developments come with a price of ¥ 1,509,840 which is equivalent to about 12,500 dollars at the current exchange rate.

Suzuki Alto RS Works