Himoinsa Racing Team assaults Madrid before the Dakar Rally

Infinity illusion. That is the feeling that transmits Himoinsa Racing Team, the structure of Spanish most powerful of the Dakar. The training
of origin from murcia, that meets most of a decade in the raid more hard of the world
since it debuted in 2005 as a sponsor, has submitted its project of face
the Dakar 2017 in Madrid
. Directed by Miguel Doors, now as Team Manager,
the formation will compete with six drivers, which implies the deployment
ambitious that it has completed Himoinsa in the Dakar. Gerard Farrés, Ivan
Cervantes, Antonio Gimeno, Rosa Romero and Dani Oliveras
sum this year
rider Antonio Ramos.

The team Himoinsa Racing Team has earned by right
own the band of greatest Spanish team and at the same time has crept between the
structures more strong of the category of motorcycles, only behind the
factory equipment of KTM, Honda and Yamaha. Perhaps for this reason, the objectives of the
formation of murcia are increasingly ambitious
hand-in-hand drivers such as Gerard Farrés or Ivan Cervantes. Both are positioned as spear tips
a project in Dakar 2017 has the firm purpose of to improve the eighth place, and added Farrés in the last edition of the raid.


Before conquering the dunes of the next Dakar, and find new successes for the team in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, Himoinsa Racing Team have conquered the streets of Madrid a sort of ‘road show’ that has left surprised more of a madrileño. However, it is not very common to see five KTM 450 ready for Dakar on the streets of the capital that connected the hotel and the setting chosen to carry out the official presentation of the squad for 2017. A way of seeing in action ‘the Red of the Dakar’ (except Dani Oliveras) before embarking on the other side of the Atlantic.

Already during the press conference, Michael Gates, founder,
alma mater of the project and Team Manager since he hung up the helmet, he explained,
the major aims of the team: We are more and better, we have
worked a lot in the sports part of it and in the technique to try to be the
height and able to take a step forward to more. Our goal is again to get to
the goal with all the riders in the race, but we don’t want descarar the
possibility to fight for be among the first five or even by the
… why not?”.

To dream and struggle for this goal, Himoinsa Racing Team
account with a full team and very versatile in that Gerard Farrés figure
as a main advantage
. The Catalan driver was eighth in the last Dakar and is
ready to take a further step in what will be his ninth participation in this rally:
“We went all out, with a year more experience and the lesson
learned. We have worked well all year and now you have to make a
good race, without making any error and and trying to attack with more

The other big bet of the team is Ivan Cervantes. The
successful pilot of enduro, now in its second Dakar with higher guarantees. After finishing 16th
in his first participation in the raid in south america, the target for Cervantes
it is to fight for the top ten: This year, I have left the enduro to focus my
future in the rallies
. Last year was my release and helped me to learn
of my own mistakes and try to improve in a discipline very different where
the concentration and the navigation are vital. Now I have prepared the rally
looking for a victory dream
, something that is a situation I would liken to when I won my first

Antonio Ramos is the new face of Himoinsa Racing Team. A pilot of huge experience who has competed in solo for 11 editions of the Dakar and now joins the team of your earth to boost the team: “After a half-life in the Dakar as a lone ranger, when I called Miguel and gave me the opportunity to join this great team, I couldn’t believe it and of course I didn’t hesitate, I hope I don’t disappoint and bring all of my experience”. For his part, Antonio Gimeno, Dani Oliveras and Rosa Romero repeated with the Spanish team.

During this ‘road show’ in Madrid, Dani Oliveras has not been able to climb the bike due to an injury, however, will not prevent him from being a ‘cap’ on the KTM 450 Rally in the Dakar: “Now I can not do bike, but in a few days I will return to the attack and I hope to be at top in the Dakar. I have more desire than ever and I feel I can give much more of me.” all in all, has been escorted by Rosa Romero, the only women’s team and one of the few that will compete in the Dakar: “it Is true that there are few women in the race and that is not always easy to our experience, but I’m not complaining, the team is one big family and I feel pampered and cared for“.