Hires Detector this summer and save more of a 50%


Group Detector, the company Spanish a leader in safety and security of our vehicles, has launched for this summer a special promotion to recruit Detector with a important discount. 1 to August 20, saves more than 50% at the time to keep protected your car or motorcycle.

Detector Basic for 19€/month

This system enables you to the location and recovery of stolen vehicles wherever they are (garages, cellars, containers,…) in an average of 4 hours in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior.


Detector Premium/Go Alert for 25€/month

in Addition to the Basic Detector GoAlert includes warning towing if the vehicle is moved without the engine running (unauthorized movement) or if there is the boot of the vehicle and is not detected the key fob, which will be delivered after the installation of the system. In both cases, the Detector is placed in contact with the customer to confirm the situation and activate the protocol recovery in case of theft.

With the Detector system Premium, in addition to the features of the Basic adds eCall systemeCall call emergency in case of impact, sudden vehicle alert in case of movement of the vehicle without contact, and location online and instant vehicle through your Smartphone.


Detector Fusion for 29€/month

This product includes all the features of the systems Basic, GoAlert and Premium.

Detector OnBike for 9€/month

For the bikes, Detector offers the service Detector OnBike that integrates the the recovery of our bike in case of theft with the collaboration of the Ministry of the Interior, exact location through our smartphone, system eCall, alert towing if the vehicle is being moved without the ignition on (either in case of theft or because it is carrying the crane) and the service Falling in which Detector will make a call in case the bike falls with the contact puesto.