Hitting the Apex, new and exciting movie about the heroes of the Moto GP (video)

A film about contemporary MotoGP Heroes . A vision of reality, not the reality we see on television. There are people of steel or superhero powers are just normal people with extreme talent to ride bikes quickly accelerate to 100 km / h than a Formula 1. We seem heroes, but flesh and blood, and life in every race over 300 km / h … are played on motorcycles that fail to rub 160 kilos and 250 hp. It was time to pay them a good tribute, right?

There are no actors, only 6 of the best MotoGP riders of all time.

Simoncelli drivers like the late, great Valentino Rossi – “il Dottore” – or our Pedrosa and Márquez, for example. A documentary, a fiction or drama. There are no actors in this movie , only Brad Pitt’s voice narrating the adventures and misadventures of the best drivers in the world. Nobody plays it against them, and this documentary pays tribute to them that explores the human side rather than their simple sporting achievements. “ Hitting the Apex ” premieres on September 2 and 7 is released in digital formats.

Here you can see the trailer.

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