Hockenheim puts in doubt his presence in 2017


The GP of Germany is one of the three tests of the provisional calendar of the F1 World that are ‘subject to confirmation’. A tag is very ambiguous in the case of Hockenheim as emissaries of the path of German have confirmed to ‘GP Update’ currently there is no agreement or negotiations for the Formula 1 in 2017, compete in their facilities. Although there is a clear interest in hosting the test, Hockenheim will host the German GP only if there is an agreement and appropriate conditions, any time this year was the Nürburgring I would have to accept the test German on the calendar.

In this aspect, it should be remembered that Hockenheim and the Nürburgring signed an agreement among themselves to host the Formula 1 in alternate years after the non-celebration of the Grand Prize in 2007. Since then, both tracks have alternated on the calendar until 2015, the year in which the Nürburgring resigned to accept the career. While in 2017 it would be of the new Nürburgring in charge of organizing the GP of Germany, in the draft calendar presented at the World Council of the Motor is the name of Hockenheim that appears to be associated to the Grand Prix of Germany.

Without a contract and talks, Hockenheim is again made to the conditions of 2015 and will only welcome the Grand Prix if it is viable for the circuit and the region, something that was not possible last year, warning that otherwise Germany will be left without a Grand Prix next year and must wait for 2018 to get back to his race in Hockenheim. A year 2018 that could come with more changes as the organizers of the GP of Russia are open to the possibility of a night race in Sochi that is one of the night races disputed in Singapore, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.