Hold on to your seat! This rise turbocharged breaks the boundaries of physics (video)

I’ve had that grab the chair . “It will not be that bad, I thought.” I flatly wrong. The car is ascending GWR Raptor , a small car designed to engines smaller than 1.6 liters. Normally, Ford and Renault engines with outputs of 150 hp. What the team of Jos Goodyear has decided to do was to use the motor of a Suzuki Hayabusa, and supercharge the small four-cylinder 1.4 liter … to 400 hp . I recommend that you sit before giving the play.

A glorified goat path, as some would say. You may have 2.5 meters wide.

The speed of ascent to Doune Hill Climb in Scotland is so dizzying that video almost seems to be false, or is accelerated. But it’s not like that. Jos Goodyear broke the record rise in 2014 , with a time of 35 seconds and 50 hundredths. This video is for that record. The voracity with which devours bends the car is hectic, and is more impressive when you consider the width of the path that exceeds speeds of 200 km / h.

Do you dare to give the play?

Source: R & T
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