Holden closes its factory of engines in Melbourne after 80 years of history


Holden is the only signature car that was left with DNA one hundred percent australian. When General Motors acquired it in 1931 continued to retain much of their independence, however the economies of scale rule and now just close, the that was its last factory in active in the country. Of the lines of production of Port Melbourne has come out on these days the last block V6 after 80 years of operation uninterrupted.

Its doors were opened in the year 1936 and in their lines they have built engines on a large scale since the year 1948. The blocks that has made Holden have been four -, six-and eight-cylinders as much for consumption as for other brands of General Motors. In total we have manufactured over 10 million motor, which have been exported to all countries in which a mark of the group was present.

Holden Gama

Port Melbourne door lock permanently by the end of next year, when the current Commodore to be carried from the assembly line of Opel in Germany (will be a version enhanced of the next Badge). While both the operators that remain on the plant will be responsible for conducting the last Commodore which will come out of the factory. In addition, also will carry out the tasks timely to stock up on the necessary spare parts so that the brand can continue to provide warranty official in the country.

The worst of this situation are the layoffs that the brand is going to carry out. General Motors and Holden have dispensed with 175 workers, you will be rewarded for their work with a gratification pay extra. After them the great part of the auxiliary industry and components of the country will follow their doors and losing jobs. The first estimates what amount to some 700 companies and 10,000 jobs. The reason is that large manufacturers, such as Toyota or Ford, which have plants in the country have been closing them down.

To end, Mark Bernhard, director of Holden Australia added that Holden will retain its footprint in Australia with a load of major design in their cars, a large engineering team and a network of hand of official services important.

Source – Holden