Holden Commodore In 2018, How will it be received the australian Made-in-Germany?


Prototype of the new Commodore 2018.

just a few weeks ago, Opel was in Germany the new generation of the Flagship sedan. Revealing the prototypes of final validation, still camouflaged, and they could even be tested by a few means.

The jump of this new generation of the Insignia is significant, but not casual. Since your new size serves a dual purpose. In the first place to raise the positioning of the own model in Europe and on the other hand, serve as a substitute for the current Holden Commodore, a sedan larger than the current Flagship and that is one of the most popular models in Australia.

The challenge that is the brand new Badge it is, therefore, double, since, besides having to face the always difficult task of access to a range of customers more demanding in Europe, adds to the complex task of replacing an icon in australian soil.


Range Holden Commodore VF Series II.

Manufactured and developed in Australia, the Commodore is a sedan that , has been continuously in this market since 1978, close to 40 years, making it one of the teach more classic in his native country. Traditionally it has provided of a size larger than the similar models of Opel, also provided with rear-wheel drive, being the base used for the models most exciting of the catalog Holden.

so it is normal to the skepticism of the public and the media australians before the new model developed in Germany, smaller in size and front-drive series.

Both Holden and General Motors have not ceased to repeat that the validity of the new project, emphasizing not only that the new Commodore in 2018 will be a worthy substitute of the classic australian, but this new generation give a considerable leap with respect to the model it replaces.


Holden Commodore VF Series II, in front of the Commodore derived from the Opel Ascona.

What is certain is that the relationship between Holden and General Motors Europe is much more narrow and ancient than they might seem. The own Commodore has always been a derivative of platforms Opel. It was not until the arrival of the fourth generation of the sedan australian that Holden did not have an own platform for the model, previously had been based always in platforms rear-wheel-drive of source Opel. In the last instance, the Omega, who disappeared with the arrival of the TWENTY-first Century, but survived until the middle of the first decade of this century in the form of the Commodore VZ.

This last had traits easily identifiable latest generation of the Omega German, a model that was also sold in north America under the name Cadillac Catera, with dreadful results.

The australian firm applied a series of changes in the frame and the over-all aesthetics of the models developed in Germany, although in recent times it has nourished your catalog with numerous models highlighted both of Opel as product of Korean origin Chevrolet.


The Commodore in 2018 will come in February of 2018 at the dealers.

so while it is true that the differences of the new Commodore in 2018 will be significant, what is certain is that Holden was already a brand with a portfolio largely composed of product redial.

To test the new generation

At the same time that Opel had in Europe were the prototypes of the new Insignia, Holden presented to the media australian the new Commodore 2018 in the test track in the brand, in Lang Lang, Australia.

The opinion of the different publications australian that had the chance to test these prototypes development was strange and almost unanimous. The new model is smaller, but remains almost intact, the interior dimensions and the technical level is above the already outdated technologically Commodore VF.


Images of the testing of the australian press in Lang Lang.

The step of the rear-wheel-drive pure to the new front-wheel-drive as standard, with option of all-wheel drive in some versions, seems not to affect too much the behavior of the new model, which is more lightweight and efficient than the current one.

despite the fact that the opinion of the australian press, after the test arranged by the brand, is pretty much what could be expected of the new model, it is still yet to see the opinion of consumers. The result of which will be measured solely and exclusively by the sales figures.

today, the Commodore VF is still one of the best selling models in that market, in fact, is the sedan of large best-selling from decades ago, followed closely by the Ford Falcon. Another product Made in Australia whose date of expiration was issued some time ago by the mark.


The Commodore VF Series II, the last Holden made in Australia.

In our last report of sales in Australia, our mate Oscar showed us how the berlina Holden was the seventh best-selling model during the month of September 2016. A result that would like to if the rest of the sedans in markets like the european or the u.s., where SUVs have taken over almost completely to the customers in the traditional segments D and E.

In Australia also has given this phenomenon, but the Commodore has continued to resist, even with the entry of a greater number of foreign models, after the removal of the barrier of the tax by the australian government this decade. Only reason which has ceased to be profitable to manufacture in Australia.

In February of 2018 will arrive to the new Commodore to the dealers australians, so it will not be until within a year that we could not verify that result will have the new Holden Made in Opel in that market. Whose greatest challenge is not really will conquer the most traditional of that country, but stand out from the massive supply SUV and crossover that you will find at that time in the market.