Holden Commodore VXR 2018: complete the trio of sedans sports

Holden Commodore VXR 2018

Holden Commodore VXR 2018.

The particular trio of sedans sports which are closely related, it is already complete. On the day of yesterday was unveiled the new Opel Insignia GSi and the Buick Regal GS. Both versions will be positioned as the most powerful and radical within their respective ranges. Now, the “family” was not complete as we still had to know the australian model. The new Holden Commodore VXR 2018 is already a reality.

Holden has revealed the first images and details of the interesting, sporty alternative by which we can choose when configuring the Commodore. More lightweight, aerodynamic, and efficient, and is positioned to the Commodore VXR with respect to its predecessor. And if that weren’t enough, we have a mechanical configuration of the latest generation that will present a clear connection with the of the Buick Regal GS 2018.

Although a priori it may seem that we are faced with a Regal GS with the steering wheel to the right, the truth is very different. Holden has carried out a local development programme very important have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers by the australian highways. The vehicle is ready to face the challenges that you may encounter in this distant country.

Holden Commodore VXR 2018 - posterior

The cousin of australian of the Opel Insignia already has its version top of range. It shares engine with the Buick Regal GS.

Aesthetically, the large changes introduced by the version VXR to differentiate from a Holden Commodore conventional focus in front and behind. His gaze denotes sportiness, high performance and elegance. Although the grill will pick up quickly our attention, the new air inlets of larger size and chrome details are some of its new features.

The new alloy wheels specific design put the note sporty and elegant at the set, while, in addition, they leave the sight of the new Brembo brakes that allow you to have control of this vehicle. If we finish our tour on the outside in the rear area are present, two new exhaust outlets perfectly integrated and a spoiler top larger.

In regard to the passenger compartment, is where we find less differences with respect to your family american. The sports steering wheel, upholstery, and trim in dark tones, a touch screen and instrument cluster are some of the most striking elements. We will also be sporting a few pedals and footrest exclusive.

Holden Commodore VXR 2018 - interior

Interior of the Holden Commodore VXR 2018.

Under the hood of the Holden Commodore VXR is the same engine in the Buick Regal GS. It is a engine V6 of 3.6 liters with 314 HP (310 hp) and 381 Nm of maximum torque. Is associated to a automatic gearbox for nine speeds and a system of all-wheel drive.

sales of the new Holden Commodore VXR will start its marketing in Australia early next year. For now with unknown price.