Holden of the reconquest of Australia with models of General Motors

HoldenFor this part of the world the car brand Holden is not very well known, and for those who do not know very well how to situate it, I’ll give you a short brush-strokes of history. Holden was born in Australia in 1856 and since then has its headquarters in Port Melbourne. However, from 1931 it became part of the conglomerate General Motors, and from that time his name changed by the GM Holden Ltda.

Since it became part of General Motors the australian brand maintained its independence, but limiting your market and product range to the needs of the consumers of the great island. To meet these needs, General Motors opened the door to the agreements it had with other brands such as Isuzu and Suzuki among others, and in this way offered models of the brands mentioned and the taking of other brands of General.

Holden GamaThis adaptation strategy a few times he has come out well and others has proved to be a real failure. The reason is simple; some of the models launched in the market, which looked like they were going to have a good reception in sales, were not working making the range of Holden suffered continuous restructuring, and inputs and outputs of models. however, since the house australian it seems that this time is going to take things seriously.

To do this, in these days Holden has carried out several actions very specific. They started this transformation changing its logo. It leaves the red color of your background and happens to be only chrome plated to increase their size, and the enhancement of the forms. The spellings that represent the name of the mark are smoothed and passed to be written in font normal, leaving behind their format UPPERCASE letters.

Holden LogoThe next change comes from the hand of its range of products. A renewed image without new products it does not say anything good of a company and therefore at home australia have decided to take the best of each brand, a subsidiary of General Motors and take it to Australia.

The first model to arrive on the big island is our Opel Astra. Yes, Opel is not already present in the australian market and as the compact Opel is the most balanced among all that you have General Motors here it goes. The second model is gone Chevrolet Trax for sale in Australia will suffer a great face wash. The third model to arrive also takes basis in a model of Chevrolet. In this case it is the Trailblazer the one that arrives willing to eat the market. Finally, it will be the GMC Acadia to close the range for the upper part.

These four models will join the range they already have the manufacturer for sale in Australia. Therefore, the range would be composed by the following products. Chevrolet borrow the Colorado, Spark, Barina (Aveo), Cruze, Malibu and the Captiva. Opel rescues the previous GTC and the Badge. And finally close the range Commodore (and its range UTE-derived) and the Caprice the unique models developed by Holden for the australian market.

Source – Holden Australia