Holden suffers in Australia, but General Motors will give new models


Australia is living a historic moment for the automotive sector. marks once time had opted for the manufacture of their cars have decided to leave and has left the country at the mercy of the products that firms want to import. In addition to all this Holden, the only mark stamped to one hundred percent australian, has closed the doors of its factory of engines and from now on your portfolio will be formed by the models that we shall render the other brands of General Motors.

This situation has made their sales have declined, in the country to lose its leadership. Everything can come in by the loss of confidence that had customers in it, or because their products are not suited to the needs that they have. General Motors is aware of this situation and to remedy it have already been put to work in order to improve the catalogue of products of the mark of the lion.

Holden Commodore

The cornerstone of this new strategy will be based on the new Holden Commodore (our Opel Insignia Grand Sport) in addition to the new products that Opel I will donate (the SUV will be the most important). All of this should allow you to improve your sales because in the past year 2016 have fallen by 8.4 per cent with a total of 94,308 vehicles sold. This situation has meant that for the first time in many years the signature is not among the three most widely sold of the country.

The leaders of the firm have communicated that now there is no alarm since Holden is living a new situation in the country and to the strategic plan of the firm is not defined one hundred percent there will be new changes. They have also commented that positioning, with the new products, will improve even more and allow them to get even closer to australian customers and New Zealand.

We will be attentive to the new course that takes the signature of the lion, since it seems that they come on airs of change for the southern zone.

Source – Holden