Holding L3 De Tomaso repents and returns to auction on April 23


The group L3 Holding decided not to pay and Mark De Tomaso will be auctioned next April 28 . L3 was the only one who had a business plan .


detomaso P t seems incredible, but when De Tomaso seemed he had finally begun to find their way, the group L3 Holding , who a few days ago had He acquired the brand in a bid, ultimately failed to pay a little more than 2 million euros . This forced the court to set a date to perform a new auction .

De Tomaso is again unowned end of the month and goes up for auction again.

The Swiss-Luxembourg consortium that is next to Genii Capital one of the owners Lotus Formula 1 team had been awarded the rights to exploit the brand founded by Argentine Alejandro De Tomaso.

L3 Holding was also chosen as the only bidder to propose a business plan and industrial relaunch proposing the creation of 360 jobs the possible construction of a new plant and production a sporty two-seater, besides having offered € 2,050,000 .

But for some unknown reason L3 Holding decided not to move forward with the acquisition , for which he failed to pay the deposit of just over 2 million. Because of that the judge Giovanna Dominici stated expiration of the offer, ordered the deposit reserve should be set as fine and called a new auction to be held next April 28 .

Amid all this back and forth workers De Tomaso , who had managed hopes up with business plan announced and the possible construction of a [1999004 are ] new plant in Italy .





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