Holograms at dealers, so buy your Volvo in the future

Microsoft HoloLens VolvoVolvo is one of those manufacturers that are introducing rapidly some of the latest technologies in their products. One of the last that has been presented has nothing to do with the way in which you drive your car, but in how we know, in how you purchases. So is the agreement that has closed Volvo with Microsoft, that aims to bring the technology HoloLens hologram to the dealers. And beyond.

Microsoft HoloLens is a technology that, from glasses, projected holograms beyond where we are. It is a very important point for the practical that is, something necessary when we talk about the new way of selling cars. The exhibition attracted the public, but the mark must show the detail of the product that the client is going to be. With holograms what you get.


These virtual recreation enables the customer to interact with your car before you buy it, to know what is going to take home in real-time. One of the advantages is that you can create combinations of colors, finishes, tires, and details are customizable to the taste of the buyer. In a way it is an evolution of the configurator that virtually any manufacturer offers on its website.

The idea is that Volvo start using the Microsoft HoloLens on their dealers, which will complement the exhibition present. It is not the only manufacturer that offers something similar, since some have opted for the augmented reality or personalized treatment. Volvo, in its intention to position itself as a brand premium bet now by the technology of holograms.

Microsoft HoloLens VolvoBut not everything is here. HoloLens will also be interesting for engineers and designers, which will be able to see in real time their designs. Likewise, and perhaps more interesting from our point of view, the holograms could reach assembly line. Operators would be able to reproduce by means of holograms to some information on the parts that you are riding. In this way they could avoid to consult paper lists, eliminating movements and increasing productivity.

Source – Volvo

Microsoft HoloLens Volvo
Microsoft HoloLens Volvo
Microsoft HoloLens Volvo