Honda and General Motors will manufacture hydrogen fuel cells in 2020

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

electric cars it looks like they already have the approval of the general public. It is a matter of months or a few years to be circulating almost bulk for the roads and streets of our country and half the world. However, there are still several clean technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cell, leads to a certain delay in regards to its technological development and acceptance by the general public.

Honda, with its Clarity Fuel Cell, since is leading the way forward for the rest of the brands that still do not have decided to bet for this type of cars are released to do so. However, the japanese firm is not alone in this race because General Motors is another of the brands that also has very advanced its work on-vehicle fuel cell stack.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

In this race to achieve the optimal cost of development and production of powered vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell both Honda and General Motors have joined forces. As reported by both companies are finalizing preparations to build a new factory located in Michigan (USA) who will be making hydrogen fuel cells to power their cars.

Between the two firms will invest more than $ 85 million in order for this union to continue to thrive since the year they started the first contacts was 2013. When the plant start its journey will go on sale the first vehicle fuel cell General Motors and lack of little time for the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is subjected to a restyling.

As proof of the work that they are carrying out, Honda and General Motors have announced some advances that have been achieved. The main one is that his stack of fuel will be so compact and “lightweight” as a block traditional 1.5 litre in the front. In addition, they have also announced that the cars that are preparing will be more powerful, lighter, with greater autonomy and a lower price than what that would cost these days.

Source – Honda – General Motors