Honda and KTM are declared war before the Dakar 2018


it is no secret that the rivalry between Honda and KTM has been stepped up in recent years, in the Dakar. The 16 consecutive wins for the austrian brand collide head on with the goal of Honda to conquer the rally-raid of the world’s toughest. However, the battle between the two trade marks have long ago transcended sports, being the clearest example of the appeal that has been submitted individually Joan Barreda to appeal the results of the Dakar 2017. Although Honda did not act of their own, you can say that of those powders come in these sludges, perfect expression in the case of raids.

The last episode of this battle has taken place in the Rally of Morocco. Beyond the triumph of Matthias Walkner with the new KTM 450 Rally, the test has been marked by controversy and sanctions. The flooding of the rivers has been the trigger of a situation in which Honda has been directly charged to KTM have a “good spokesman” in the FIM and in the organization of the rally. This accusation, made by Ricky Brabec and covered by Honda to be collected in an official statement, it is certainly a dart filled with poison that has triggered the tension between the two marks.

The own Ricky Brabec pointed out that it is very difficult to compete when you know that “KTM has their own way,”, affirming that it is not a coincidence that KTM always follow your path and succeed with the result, a charge that binds to the bitterness present in the breast of Honda to see that KTM has chosen the same plan to prepare for the Dakar, something that is not usual and who believe that it is not casual. Finally, the american pilot, pointed out the difficulty that has a Honda to win, as each victory of yours will be able to appeal, and as the penalties are not equal for all parts, putting several some specific examples of the Rally of Morocco.