Honda and McLaren discuss the keys to his future in F1


Honda and McLaren will have today a very important meeting to decide the future of the joint project in F1. We’ll see what happens after the meeting and if you filter some of the data put on the table. What is certain is that the situation in the third year of having returned to the F1 is quite dramatic, with a team that has a good chassis and has not scored yet in any of the 6 races that we have. The engine is 90% of the problems of the car, and not just because it consumes more than any other, or because it is the least powerful of all, but also because it is the least reliable.

In 2018 will have another client, and I hope that’s not another victim of Honda, Sauber. So roll with four cars and will have double the data and possibilities for testing. In addition they will act from the basis that you have installed the japanese in Great Britain, in Milton Keynes (neighbors of Red Bull). Misashi Yamamoto, the director general of the division of Honda Motorsport has said that Sauber will only be a client, but that the team will be McLaren, for both the design of the engine of 2018 will be within the guidelines of Woking, and adapted it to your car, while Sauber simply need to adapt your car to the package delivered to McLaren and will not have the privilege of getting the updates at the same time that the McLaren, but who will rise to the swiss team with a bit of delay.

Zak Brown

Other statements interesting Honda in these last few hours have been the Hasegawa on the evolution of the engine. He alleges that on the Dyno (test bench) everything seems to be fine, and that holds about 5000 miles, but when you get to the track is not so and it breaks. Don’t understand why this is happening and they need 5 or 6 more runs to decide if they are going in the right direction in this regard. The japanese regrets not being able to do track testing to improve faster reliability. From the poor design of the oil pump in the preseason, the problem of vibrations so brutal that they had and that affected the electronic system, to the MGU-H (the bearings of this one) happy… go start that they carry.

In the GP of Canada is expected to a great evolution, a reaction on the part of Honda, as also expected on the part of Renault. I don’t know if the one and the other end entering the motor upgrade here, but it seems that Honda is already by lowering expectations. The MGU-H need to leave the same during those 5 or 6 more runs, although already being tested on the test bench in the factory of a new modification. In regard to improvements he has made clear that “it Is assumed that we have to bring some modifications to Canada, but we don’t want to change it, because we want to keep it, unless we have another breakdown” in reference to the MGU-H damn.