Honda and Renault: can with Mercedes in this season of F1?

Renault F1 The engine of Mercedes continues to reign, best engine both in terms of efficiency, reliability and power is German, and is a step ahead of the rest. Ferrari is the team that is about more and many rumors suggest that Mercedes has had something to do with it “helping them” to not make a championship so boring, prompting a change of rules that don’t like Mercedes for your convenience, current, and as a form of marketing to promote it outside of F1 that can be with a team as legendary and respected as Ferrari.

Behind Mercedes and Ferrari, Renault and Honda, although Eric Boullier made a statement insinuating that his engine was better than the Ferrari and it was close to the Mercedes, although the problems of consumption lastraban their performance by making them lose seconds very valuable. The past year was the reliability which limited the engine is japanese and this year the consumption. Worst without a doubt this winter has taken a big step forward compared to the terrible problems of 2015.

Jenson Button MP4-31Renault and Honda are the two that most tokens are used and therefore the most likely to improve in theory, but they are also the ones that are farther away from the goal. Renault especially have many tokens and it seems to have taken a step in these test in Barcelona of nothing less than a 4 tenths. What is certain is that the test pilot Ocon said that the improvement would surprise many by how big it is, we’ll see when we confirm in the Monaco GP or in the GP of Canada, the dates on which they plan to introduce. If so, be careful with Red Bull because could sneak ahead of Ferrari asíduamente.

For its part, McLaren said at the beginning of the season at the GP of Spain may have the better chassis/aerodynamics, although I think that Red Bull is still superior to the rest in this sense, there are that applaud the work of McLaren in this sense, taking a big step ahead of almost 5 seconds in this sense, as has been confirmed by Pedro Martinez of the Rose. Now there is to wait the turn of Honda, that does not even know when improvements introduced, but is expected to Canada. As said, the start of the season it would be very hard and these dates would come the joys…