Honda and Visa to come to an agreement to pay from the car (video)

Honda Odyssey

The 6 of January of this year, Honda announced a first test with one of their vehicles where they could see a demonstration of how it would be to pay the amount required in parking lots and gas stations without to step off our own car.

To do this, Honda and Visa INC. conducted the demonstration at the CES in las Vegas where we have wanted to demonstrate the continued partnership that keeps both companies. attendees at the event, were able to experience for themselves the experience in the section of Honda.

Honda Civic 2017 Europa

By what one could see at the fair; the experience of the concept of buying from the interface developed by Honda Developer Studio at the time of making payments for services everyday such as fuel and the payment of the parking lot, showed fluid, quick and easy. Honda, has developed a system that will be connected through our smartphone via Bluetooth to the vehicle itself and since she made such payments.

to be able To do the demos, involved companies, fuel pump Gilbarco Veeder-Root and parking meter smart IPS Group, Inc. In collaboration, this year will be joined Gilbarco Veeder-Root, and IPS Group, Inc which will pool efforts to ensure that the project goes forward. Below is an explanatory video that shows how easy and intuitive it is to manage it:

How this system works?

In march, the drivers will receive a notification in the infotainment system when you are near a fuel dispenser or a parking meter smart. The payment will be confirmed from the own vehicle be in accordance with the charge rate and with a simple gesture, it will conclude with the payment.

What is the function of IPS Group, Inc?

IPS Group, Inc, is a company leader in the development and implementation of a parking meter smart IPS. These parking meters patented assets, thanks to the solar energy, and are enabled to be able to pay by credit card or by smart phones.

Honda pago con visa

What role do you play Gilbarco Veeder-Root?

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, will allow the users to pay a multitude of services, such as refueling in a safe manner and will take care of to create confidence to consumers to be able to develop new strategies to entrepreneurs, giving rise to a new type of economic management never seen before.


Still in the testing phase but every day more feasible. This is how we could describe the new form of payment that will be implemented in our vehicles in the very near future. No longer will you need to search for some coin for parking, or if you want to will need to get out of the car and find the parking meter nearest. These are just two of the initiatives that are being considered; the more likely it is that in a few years will incorporate countless services that we may buy from the seat of our car.

Source: prnewswire