Honda and Waymo could collaborate to develop autonomous cars

Honda NSX GT3

Seen, is that all brands want to be in the market for a car with technology enough to be autonomous to the time of travel. The way to achieve this goal is to conduct expensive and lengthy investigations on its own behalf or rely on the work and expertise of other specialized firms in the field. Honda is one of the firms that wants to have an autonomous car on the market no later than in the year 2020 and to make your dream a reality is in talks with Waymo, the subsidiary in charge of developing the autonomous cars of Google.

As reported by the japanese manufacturer, have been engaged in conversations with Waymo to be integrated into the plan of Google to create autonomous cars. If these negotiations come to fruition Honda would be the second manufacturer worldwide that would be part of this program since the first group involved is the Italian-american Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA). With all this, they could advance the work so that all of the firms participating in the project can launch in a shorter time their autonomous cars to the market.

Google Waymo

Which Honda has been directed to Waymo to be entered in your program of autonomous cars does nothing more than confirm that you are on the right track in terms of development of technology-autonomous. In addition, it also serves as a platform to open up the market for the sale of technology to other brands so that these can make their own autonomous cars. This situation could be confirmed if the conversations he has Waymo with other manufacturers mature and are integrated in the program.

As reported by Honda, this union is also very beneficial for her because that will allow you to to extend their knowledge in materials just as important as vision systems, sensors and the software needed for the cars will be autonomous. As consideration on the part of Honda to Waymo would be the assignment of models with which to perform the tests to validate the technology for autonomous that they are developing.

Source – Honda Motor Co