Honda announced that in 2022 their electric cars will be charged in 15 min

electrification of the car is the path they are taking all the marks that make up the sector. Honda is one of the that it seems that they are putting the batteries, as with the presentation of the Urban EV and Sports EV makes it clear to us that they have their technology almost to the point of caramel. The first of them will reach production in the year 2019, and the second does not yet have official confirmation.

The main problem with electric cars today (in addition to other side) lies in the autonomy of their batteries and the time it takes to load. Well, Honda has announced that it is working to ensure that their electric cars can be charged almost to full in just 15 minutes. To do this, your batteries will get a charging system “ultra-fast” which will allow you to complete this operation at this time.

As has been communicated by the firm nippon, thanks to the employment of a power control system, and the lightness of their cars, with a super-fast charging of 15 minutes will be able to travel a distance of over 200 kilometers. However, this system has a but, and that is, if the charging stations used to charge the electric Honda’s don’t have the technology of the brand, not be charged never in this way.

By now, and although the first electric car of the brand will hit the market in the year 2019, this system is ultra-fast charging will not be available until the year 2022. Honda is finalizing the details of this technology, because it does not count with the technical support of Panasonic your provider of batteries. Of him, we don’t have more details than have been reported, so that will have to wait to submit it officially to know if shares his technical approach with that of other brands or if on the contrary it is original one hundred percent of the japanese brand.

In Europe it is assumed that you will not have any problems for extended, it is planned that by the year 2020 have been installed thousands of stations of load of 350 kW.

Source – Honda

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