Honda called the Civic new generation, by problems in the brake

Honda Civic 2017 EuropaEvery time a brand launches a new model on the market trying that the technology is better and superior to the model it replaces. however, sometimes, these new models are applied to them, technical improvements radicals that can lead to failures. These faults, as is logical due to the fact that the new technology still has to be adjusted, as is appropriate, but usually the brands tend to fix it before the problem becomes endemic.

Honda is one of the brands that when you launch a new model to the market bet for introducing technological systems revolutionary. Her new Civic has mechanical completely new as well as attendees to the driving than before, it could not include the previous generation. In this case, the brand has modified the parking braking system, and by defects of youth have been forced to call some 350,000 units in the united States equipped with two engines gasoline.

Honda Civic 2017 EuropaAccording to the mark the control software of the electronic stability program (ESP) prevents, when the driver stop the engine of the car can actuate the electric parking brake of the car. If the brake has not been locked it should turn a light on in the instrument cluster for about 15 seconds to warn the driver.

If this light does not illuminate, and the braking system does not lock the car, the Honda Civic could roll by itself, as that would be, so to speak, in a stalemate. Therefore, if the vehicle stay free could potentially hurt someone or cause an accident.

today, and thanks to the new generation of the Honda Civic takes a little time in the market, there are no victims or injuries accounted for. Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of any the brand will be in contact with the customers of the united States to inform them that they need to spend for a service officer to address this issue. This action, as it is logical will not have any cost for the customers and will be used to improve a product already round.

we Hope that the problem is completely fixed before that Honda put on sale the new Civic in the european market.

Source – Honda

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