Honda calls for review to 350,000 new Civic in the US

Honda Civic 2017 EuropaWhen the issue of the airbags Takata is still kicking in Honda, now the japanese firm have to call the generation of the outgoing and the new Civic to fix a problem in the parking brake. According to the National Administration of Traffic Safety on the Roads of the united States (NHTSA) the new Honda Civic could have a failure in the system of the electric parking brake.

According to this agency the bodies affected by this problem would be in both the sedan as the coupe and correspond to the units of the Civic 2016. In the notice, the agency of american security, has launched be warned that the control system of tire pressure could cause an error in the software of the stability control that could turn off inadvertently, the electric parking brake.

Honda Civic 2017 EuropaIf this occurs the driver could not activate the parking brake with the engine off, and a light located on the dashboard will indicate for about fifteen seconds that there is a fault in the system. However, the driver may not be aware of this notice and once you exit the vehicle this would roll out of control, putting at risk his life and the lives of pedestrians and passengers being in the car.

therefore, to solve the problem, Honda has been in contact with 350,000 customers that have a Civic in the united States and has sent a notice to pass as soon as possible for your service officer nearest to solve the problem. As we know the first notice of the existence of this bug dates back to December of 2015 and has today there are a total of 340 incidents related to this problem.

therefore, to avoid potential problems, Honda is going to review both the last units of the latest generation of the Civic like the one you just put up for sale, as some components are shared by both models and could arise from failures in the future. Well by Honda.

Source – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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