Honda CBR500R 2016: a new road design (among other changes) for sport A2

Honda Announces Changes for multipurpose sports media for the Honda CBR500R Honda CBR500R in a few days, during a “American International Motorcycle Expo 2015” which starts on October 15 will receive a facelift of still images you can not teach, but the yes you can count all the updates that are on the way in 4 simple keys:

aesthetic and mechanical changes, what will be new in the Honda CBR500R ?

Currently the Honda500R is presented as a good multipurpose sports for those with the A2 license.

Honda reserved teach the changes, we will have to wait, but not duado on offer and a list of changes that go through the following:

As far as mechanics are concerned we will find a new front silent, shorter suspension with adjustable preload and new .

There are also in road a new deposit larger (now nearly 16 liters) and new adjustable levers .

will have a new ignition key.

Aesthetically will receive a completely new design based on the language “Fast and aggressive forms”, which translates into a new fairing spiced with new optical LED . This new image will help the new palette .

But … what gave us so far Honda CBR500R ?

The CBR500R is presented as a perfect sporty alternative for users of A2 license to offer an output of 47 horses . This power comes from the hand of a parallel twin propeller with a displacement of 471 cc. It has ABS standard, weighing slightly below the 194 kg and an average consumption announced 3.5 l / 100 km.

Also for those who prefer a naked offers the same mechanical assembly in the form of Honda CB500F .

honda_cbr500_r_DM_2015_1 The last image corresponds to the current model.

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