Honda Civic Hatchback 2017, so is the tenth generation of the Civic

a few weeks Ago, I read in an american magazine an article of opinion in which the author invited the fans to the engine to eliminate from your mind all Civics sold in the US in the last decade. In effect, the latest generations of the Civic united states have been widely criticized for being too bland in all the senses: driving poor, designs sad, interiors boring… The generation presented in the past year the past year improved dramatically to its predecessors, but even so the us customers were still missing something of a spark.

it Seems that Honda had already taken good note of these criticisms as have been presented in premiere in the US the body compact, the Honda Civic, which is a great breath of fresh air in the range. With a style language similar to the versions of the sedan and coupe already available in the lands of north america, cuts the total length in centimetres and receives a rear completely new, more cropped than in the sedan version but without being as tense as in a compact a typical. Its silhouette is something half-way between a compact and a family; looking to offer a large interior space but also an external image sports.

honda-civic-hatchback-us-3The only engine available in the US will be a 1.5 I-VTEC Turbo 174 HP, which will reach up to 180 HP on the sporty finish Sport. This finish is the one that mounts the drive of the photographs, consisting of a kit of aesthetic and sports a exit dual exhaust located in a central position. This propellant is part of the new family of turbocharged engines that are already beginning to appear in the catalogs of Honda worldwide. It will be available with manual change of six speeds or an automatic gearbox CVT.

looking back, we see that the new Honda Civic Hatchback is very similar to the prototype namesake that we met in the past Hall Geneva. By that time, it was announced that this prototype is running ahead of the appearance of the new Honda Civic european, so that we can say for sure that this new Honda Civic Hatchback will involve the replacement of the current generation that is marketed in Europe. In fact, the american version manufactured at the plant that Honda is in Swindon (England).

So, here we have a good preview of how will the new Honda Civic european, virtually identical to this one except for small differences due to approvals that may be on the body. It is expected that her presentation will take place at the beginning of 2017, to start its sales in the spring. In a few months we will know more details of the expected range for our country.

Source: Honda USA