Honda Civic si 2017: ready to be presented in the Hall of the Angels 2016


Photo spy Honda Civic si 2017 with bodywork coupe.

At the Paris motor show 2016, the guys of Honda have released several world firsts such as the new Honda Civic Sedan, 2017, for the european market as well as the Honda Civic Type R Prototype, a prototype into preview mode how it will be the variant most radical of the new generation of the compact japanese. However, we have still not disclosed all of the versions that will make up the range of the new Honda Civic.

So it is, we have yet to know the new Honda Civic si 2017. But don’t worry, the wait will end very soon as it has confirmed its world debut at the imminent Salon Automobile Los Angeles 2016 that will take place between the days 18 and 27 of the next month of November. It will be the ideal setting for that Honda unveil to the public the version that will be situated half-way between the Honda Civic and the Honda Civic Type R (when it arrives on the market).

few months Ago we published some spy photos of the Honda Civic si 2017 with body coupe. It was the only time that we’ve managed to hunt down this model during a test session. And the truth is that the secrecy that Honda keeps on him, does no more than feed the rumors and reports circulating on the net.


The new Honda Civic si 2017 will debut at the Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016.

One of the most important issues in this respect is on the bodies that will be available. All indications are that the new Honda Civic si 2017 will only be marketed with the body of the coupé, although we must remember that in previous generations was marketed also as a sedan.

mechanically, the new Civic si will be powered by a Turbo engine of 1.5 liters with four-cylinder modified in order to yield a power of approximately 220 HP. To get an idea of the difference that will make with regard to the Honda Civic Hatchback 2017, we must bear in mind that the more powerful version of the base model is estimated at 182 HP.

¿Come to Europe? By the time has not heard anything about a possible launch in the old continent, although, if we take into account the arrival of the Civic Sedan, it would not be dischargeable by the introduction of the Civic si in Europe. In any case, will have to wait. By the way, along with the new Honda Civic If the organization of the Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016 also has confirmed that will be presented more than 50 world firsts. One of the most anticipated is the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which we have been talking about in the last few months.