Honda Civic Type R 2015, all the details: 310 Japanese horses furiously

The next generation of Honda Civic Type R , a new generation willing to take the compact front wheel drive to a new dimension. Arrives ready to become a point already part for SEAT León Cupra for the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R and done with nothing more and nothing less than 310 horses under the hood. Please welcome the “hothatch” of the moment, the new hero of trackday, the new sports icon among compact two-wheel drive.

A 2.0 Turbo V-TEC 310 hp under the hood beating

2015 Civic Type-R After paraded by many auto shows conceptually the Honda Civic Type R occurs and as hit the streets. It does additives aerodynamic loaded with a new splitter with heel , with a huge spoiler on his behind … but also with a propellant to that from the own firm longer qualify as “extreme”.

The heart of the Civic Type R is composed of a propellant V-TEC Turbo new invoice. With two liters of displacement supercharger via develops an output of 310 horses at 6,500 rpm, getting a pair of 400 Nm 2,500 rpm. Figures it away, rather, its most direct competition, the aforementioned Leon Cupra and Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R.

In these times of downsizing, supercharging and where until 911 GT3 uses a gearbox double clutch the Civic Type R is presented to us with manual gearbox 6-speed .

Prestacionalmente marks an 0-100 km / h in 5.7 seconds , while its top speed is 270 km / h .

Brembo, an adaptive suspension, specific tires …

2015 Civic Type R Suzuka, Nürburgring Nordschleife and the test circuit Takasu brand gyms have been chosen by Honda to train your new beast chiselled hit aerodynamics to achieve greater stability and better heat management, but beyond its design and its engine cycle we find part … and that is not going to fall behind the Japanese compact.

started by his tires , from 19 inches and with measurements of tire developed specifically for, 235/35 to continue their endowment brakes, signed by Brembo and with perforated discs of 350 mm.

Its suspension is adaptive , with 4 levels of adjustment and its defense appears a new stabilizer bar able to increase the stiffness of the rear train at an incredible 180%.

Inside …

2015 Civic Type R enter inside the passenger compartment of the new Honda Civic Type R implies ourselves face to face with a pair of bucket type seats dramatically presence throughout the interior being garnished by a number of details in red, starting with the said seats, to continue the dashboard, the steering wheel or the seams of the bellows change or armrest.

Of course do not forget the button + R button responsible for unleashing the full fury of the Civic Type R with a map of more aggressive engine, steering with less assistance and a firmer suspension.

De Nürburgring to Sunday from trackdays

2015 Civic Type R Yes, we are eager to know the while the new Honda Civic Type R at the Nurburgring . We suspect that the deed may end with a new record.

For you who these biting their nails, you want to know when it will hit the streets to go gunning and the next trackday with this new Civic Type R notes, will arrive in summer and no, we do not know their price .

2015 Civic Type R


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