Honda Civic Type-R 2017: spark sports shortly before being official


behind also looks identical.

These two images appeared in the network yesterday, uncovering what already we presumed, the new Honda Civic Type-R will be virtually identical to the conceptual model that the brand presented at the end of last year. The photos only show us a flat direct from the front and the rear, more than enough to be able to confirm that it is the sports version of the compact japanese.

In principle the images seem to be good, that is to say, does not seem to be a simple render or photo-montage. Although the similarities with the Type-R concept, 2016 are self-evident and therefore it would have been very easy to perform the mounting.

In the front we find all the elements of the concept, from the bumper with huge air inlets with openings in its side to the entrance of the upper air, on the hood. Match even grill, splitter, emblems, and fog lights, so that we fell short of stating that the model would be very similar to the course prototype. In reality, it seems that Honda introduced the model in its definite format.


Presentation of the Civic Type-R Prototype in 2016.

The only differences that really find refer to the color. The model of the images white and it has the sport seats in red color, while the Type-R concept had bodywork in black with an attractive satin finish and the sports seats clad also in black color.

In the behind we again find the same similarities. Even the huge and worked spoiler has the same forms, and the bumper looks identical, including triple-exit exhaust with the central of different size. Even the lower lip appears edged in red as in the Type-R Prototype.

so the opposite of his predecessor, which differed in certain points of the concept that anticipated, this new generation of radical compact nothing has changed in its final version production.


The Civic Type-R Prototype 2016.

By the time we do not know for sure the specifications of the model. What is for sure is that you will be an evolution of the 4-cylinder supercharged 2.0-liter we used to see in his successor, with a power surely above 310 HP.

it Was rumored that you could have an automatic gearbox CVT – we must remember that this model will be global and which will also be sold in the united States – but rapidly trademark denied these rumors, which also confirms that transmission will have, but what is confirmed is that it will be front-wheel-drive.