Honda Civic Type-R Black Edition: The Type-R is dismissed with limited edition


The new Civic Type-R Black Edition, the good-bye to the last Type-R.

After the launch in several markets of the tenth generation of the Civic and the presentation of the new Type-R Concept in the past Hall of Paris, began the countdown for the current Civic Type R, which now has already finished its production at the uk plant in Swindon. To dismiss this version, the brand has launched the limited edition Civic Type-R Black Edition

we have Only made 100 copies of the Type-R Black Edition, the last 100 out of the chain of production and therefore the last units of the version Type-R Civic mk9. They are all alike, of black color with some details in red, and the steering wheel to the right, so that these units have been designed exclusively for the british market.

According to the brand, all the units are already way of the dealership, where they will be available at a price of 32.000 Pounds Sterling (a 32.761 euros).


a Few red accents on the interior.

At the mechanistic level and rack, Type-R Black Edition are indistinguishable from the rest of copies manufactured, all the news we find in the aesthetic plane. The model shows a finished completely in black, both in the exterior and in the cabin, punctuated by some details in color red, as the sides of the rear spoiler or the brake calipers.

In the interior we find the same combination, with sports seats finished in duotone, red and black, and various red details, as the outputs of the ventilation or the steering wheel itself.

The purpose of the production of the Type-R leaves via free in Swindon for the
arrival of the new generation, which for the moment we know only in the
the form of the Type-R Concept unveiled last year, strangely enough, in a
decoration very similar to this limited edition, completely black
with a few details in red. The new generation will go on sale
in march
this year, so the brand must already be working in the
plant to accommodate its production.