Honda Civic Type R in Geneva: Amazing sight, spectacular seats

Finally, here it is, has become one of the most acclaimed sport compact. And boy how has returned! The Honda Civic Type R is here again to thrill, with many differences: it is no longer working atmosphere and Honda to get a sports experience seems colossal (failing to prove it)


Tired of spicy compact restrained? Live the Civic Type-R looks like a very “big” car

depends on tastes but I’m sure that Civic Type-R does not go unnoticed, like it or not. The car has a wide, strong and tough looking. And the Japanese, with many sharp details that set. In Geneva they have presented in white as a base but really different is what black and in red, dominant colors from outside to inside . Not to mention the spoiler, nothing to do with the previous generation. When I see people turn their heads and wonder, what car is that?

With 310 hp it is, with the Focus RS, the most powerful compact front-wheel drive

Seeing and collecting their characteristics – 310 hp V-TEC delivers its Turbo engine, manual gearbox, front-wheel , adaptive suspension, etc – it seems that the gentlemen who hold the throne of compact more what sports are quite crude. Among those closest are the Ford Focus RS, which now reaches 320 hp and will be one of the rivals who will accompany on comparative future.

honda-civic-type-r-salon-de-ginebra-201516-mdm honda-civic-type-r-salon-de-ginebra-201511-mdm honda-civic-type-r-salon-de-ginebra-201517-mdm
The interior exudes sporty seats and riding rival the Nissan NISMO

You wanted a sporty interior environment? The Civic brings it to the Japanese way, where relevant: wheel is unique, with the interior and top brand focused on red touching the gearbox is very short distances and then there are seats . We embrace like god, strong, well guess when you’re going strong on a curve.

To you, what do you think? It makes me that Honda has given the key to the expectations of the fans of the Type-R. Then we’ll see if its price and performance match expectations. And in relation to Type-R Concept unveiled a few months ago? Do you wish to keep any of their features like gills on the hood?



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