Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, new hydrogen car japanese with up to 700 km of autonomy


The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell can travel up to 700 km are a single charge of hydrogen

Honda introduces the world to the Clarity Fuel Cell, the new vehicle hydrogen fuel cell, in the Lounge of Tokyo. The vehicle development has been focused on that has some characteristics of use as similar as possible to a vehicle with conventional combustion, therefore, the interior space is so broad as to accommodate five occupants, and can move up to 700 km without refuelling.

The japanese are leading the development of the vehicles of hydrogen fuel cell. While the Toyota Mirai is already present in Japan and some european countries, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will be available in your native land from the beginning of 2016. The manufacturer declares that over the next year we will know more information about the launch in Europe.


the interior of The Clarity Fuel Cell is spacious for five occupants with a simple design and sophisticated

The proposal of hydrogen from Honda is translated in a the great saloon of 4.895 mm long, 1.875 mm in width and 1.475 mm high with capacity for up to five adults in its interior. Their appearance, as we know, this is a saloon of the dynamic profile that has headlights Full LED and flashy aluminum wheels of 18 inches.

The spacious interior has been achieved by hosting the block of the fuel cell and the drive shaft in the hole where you normally find the engine and transmission in a traditional vehicle combustion.

The size of the fuel cell stack and the unit of power generation has been reduced so much that now occupy the same as a combustion engine of six cylinders. The block of the fuel cell stack is now a 33% more compact that originally presented in the FCX Clarity that we saw for the first time.


So is the appearance of the prototype presented previously in Detroit

on the other hand, the electric motor has managed to increase the maximum power output of the 177 HP (130 kW), which makes this vehicle has an exceptional performance. Has two driving modes: Normal, which has a balance between efficiency and performance, and the Sport, for a better response from the engine. The figures of performance are still unknown.

The efficiency of the vehicle and the tank of high-pressure capable of holding hydrogen at 70 MPa allows that the vehicle can travel distances of up to 700 km without refueling. On the other hand the supply of hydrogen is almost as fast as a combustion vehicle: approximately three minutes at 70 MPa and 20 degrees of temperature. For the storage of energy continues to use a battery of lithium-ion.