Honda confirms the successor to the S2000


Honda confirms working on a new S2000

the return of The sports japanese is a reality from which the Tobaru saw the light a few years ago. But without doubt there were two returns to the present that fans from all over the world wanted. The Honda NSX, that we time with its release just around the corner, and the Honda S2000.

Thrusters V-TEC Turbo 1.5 and 2.0 liters

From Coach it confirms to us that the manufacturer is working on the successor to the Honda S2000. A legendary sports roadster that only needed a generation to become a legend and to this day, discontinued since 2009, is still raising passions.

According to the source, the sport will return to life with a choice of two engines turbocharged: a 1.5 liter V-TEC Turbo, about 180 HP and another with your version of 2.0 liters Honda Civic Type-R 310 HP that also carry the logo of the sportiness of the Honda with them. Although we do not rule out a hybrid version nor.


The roadster will equip thrusters V-TEC Turbo in the new range Civic

will be Born as a rival to the Mazda MX-5 and Fiat 124 Spider, however, will be seen more as an opponent of the version Abarth the 124 and the sports that are developing, in cooperation BMW and Toyota. Without forgetting that also remain in the game the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ, the new Z from Nissan and the sports of Alpine.

Although it will not be an easy road. Honda says that the most complicated part of the project is the development of a new platform of rear-wheel-drive and front-engine as it represents a major cost to create it only for this model. The platform of the Honda S660 and S1000 would not help in this case since it has a configuration of mid-engine rear and the same can be said of the small, sporty-looking similar to the NSX that we saw in a patent.