Honda could return to the life of the Passport to strengthen the range SUV

segment of the all roads and SUVs is revolutionizing completely to the automotive sector. This type of vehicles have between us, in one way or another, for many years, although the public has treated them differently in function of the fashion and tastes prevailing. In any case, this necessity is the one that is now in vogue and manufacturers have to meet it in order not to lose sales to their rivals.

If we look back, we have to remember (by force) to the indestructible Isuzu Trooper, all the way (or all-terrain) that he gave life to a large number of models. Chevrolet, Opel and Saab (these two when they were still under the umbrella of General Motors) launched the TrailBlazer, on the Border and 9-7. However, they were not the only ones, so Honda, and Acura (its subsidiary premium) also released on the same base Isuzu Passport and SLX.

however, when the year 2002 Honda stopped its sale, he decided to replace it with a model that instead of having body-on-frame, to have a chassis monocoque. The resultant vehicle was the the first generation of the Pilot, one of the all-ways top selling firm in America. In this way, the Passport went through the market with more pain than glory, but giving way to a new category of models in the brand.

however, now that the fever of the SUV living from its peak, Honda might be considering resurrecting the name Passport to launch a new all-road in the range. According to rumors, this model would come to your library to be placed below the current Pilot, that is to say, would have a cabin with room for only five occupants, although if you would have a trunk of considerable size.

The question that arises in the face of these rumors is the following. Honda already has in its portfolio with the CR-V and Pilot, which are located one above the other. Of becoming, in reality, the Passport, the CR-V and it could be walked on canibalizarse sales, they would play the same cards. However, what could make the japanese firm would be to shorten the current generation of the Pilot and offer it as an add-on to the first.

rumors place this model in the Salon Automobile Los Angeles this year, therefore, there are still many months to confirm, or not, these information.

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