Honda CR-V 2018, the first mule of tests already on the road


The headlights appear to be those of the american version

Honda is rejuvenating gradually its fleet of models. He has even returned to life a model that had already disappeared, as is the case of the Honda HR-V. The fashionable SUV continues to set the pace in all markets, and it is for this reason that the japanese brand is already in full development phase of the Honda CR-V 2018.

this Is the first time we see it, and the truth is that we have a result eye-catching to advanced tuning. The mule testing formed part of what apparently are the definitive elements, such as front and rear lamps, bumpers and other new details that will be included in the restyling.

As can be seen in the design we see a different design than the Honda CR-V current. An image is changed corresponding to the new design philosophy of the brand is printing in their most recent models. In some ways quite remember his little brother, the HR-V.


In the beginning do not expect major changes in the external measurements

however, the CR-V will continue to keep their levels higher, positioning themselves once more as the SUV large Honda. So much so that the first rumors point to a version with greater passenger capacity, up to seven, which will be placed in three rows of seats, the last one being stowable in the floor of the trunk.

This version would lead to a considerable growth in the external measurements of the CR-V, but as mentioned it is at the moment a rumor. The testing unit, which has been not riding the body, with the normal model that we all know. So for the moment we can’t confirm it.

In terms of mechanics, it is clear that Honda will update the entire range of thrusters of the CR-V. The current model came to market in early 2015, and since then the rivals have been implementing blocks more efficient, with less emissions and fuel consumption. It is for this reason that Honda will invest part of their tune-in to do the same.


Image back very changed, although very akin to the likes of Honda

can be expected blocks of four cylinders turbocharged with average powers. it would Also be possible for the arrival of a hybrid version plug-in. It would come a little later than the initial launch of the CR-V, though at the moment it is unknown what configuration will be mounted. Leave knowing more about the CR-V as it gets closer to its release date, scheduled for mid or end of next year.