Honda, despite the Brexit, engages with the United Kingdom

Honda Civic 2017 EuropaHonda, along with Nissan and Toyota are the top brands of japanese origin that major interests have in the United Kingdom. The situation that the country lives because of its people voted yes to Brexit is the less chaotic for these brands. From the European Union notified the United Kingdom that may not maintain the commercial privileges which they will have until the Brexit will be a reality. However since the government of the country it is comforting to brands by telling you that once you produce this your situation everything will remain like that until now.

For now, except that Nissan already is exploring the possibility of leaving the country if the thing is twisted a lot, all the foreign brands with factories and strong interests in the English country appear to be calm. The last show this quiet has been Honda. In the mouth of Seiji Kuraishi executive vice president of the brand we have been able to hear these words.

Honda Civic 2017According to Kuraishi, Honda has no intention to leave the United Kingdom if it eventually produces the Brexit. The reason given from the mark of the “H” is that it is investing a lot of money for the factory of Swindon will become a centre of global production. Therefore, in a first time the brand will continue to form part of the business network of the country.

however Kuraishi has also said that since the mark will be monitored much the course of the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union as well as currency fluctuations. With this they want to ensure their interests in order to delocalize the production from Swindon to other factories to keep the rentabildad of their products and their benefits.

As a counterpoint to the situation Honda has been one of the foreign brands that have been touched up prices of its cars in the Uk after the yes to the Brexit. In this way, since the brand maintain the profitability of their products at levels prior to the collapse of the pound against the euro suffered in June.

Will have to wait for the events and once we know what will happen we will know the plans of the brands in the Uk.

Source – Honda

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