Honda does not know if the new engine will be ready in time for Canada


The races happen and McLaren-Honda is still in a hell breaks in the engine and bad sports results. After the Spanish Grand Prix, the team based in Woking is already the only one not to have gotten points, but at least Fernando Alonso was able to finish his first Grand Prix of the season.

talk about for a long time of the update that Honda is gearing up for its engine, and that should solve most of the problems that the japanese firm is taking, both at the level of reliability, such as power. But it has not been possible to have it in Barcelona, nor will it be in Monaco and, now, Yusuke Hasegawa does not dare to confirm that it can be in Canada in the mid of the month of June.

Yusuke Hasegawa supports that would be ideal because the circuit Gilles Villeneuve demands a considerable tip speed.“Obviously Canada will be a power circuit, so if we can prepare the new engine, it would be good. But we are not yet sure of being able to do so”, had to admit in Barcelona.


In the last race held on Spanish soil the Honda engine enjoyed minor reforms in some of its parts, aiming primarily at improving the maneuverability for a better performance in acceleration. “the components of The engine are the same, but there has been an update in the induction system and in the fuel. It is an improvement fairly decent, but with the disadvantage present with the top equipment, we cannot be too proud”.

Hasegawa also explained what happened in the engine of Fernando Alonso in the first free practice session, when the Spanish saw it as his McLaren started to lose oil jets before you can even mark a time reference. “First we lost the oil, so the pressure dropped and the engine still kept running, that’s why it broke. We believe that the oil was lost by a mechanical failure in the oil supply”, concluded the head of Honda.