Honda encrypts the improvement of the engine tested by Alonso three-tenths


McLaren takes waiting for improvements on the Honda engine since the pre-season test, but so far neither the power nor the reliability has suffered positive changes. However in Friday’s free practice, Fernando Alonso was able to enjoy at the end of a good news, as the unit installed in your car was a novelty that turned out successful.

Such newness came in the form of a combustion engine, which according to Honda will give more power to the set and in a circuit so dependent on it, gives you about three tenths per lap. “With this update of the combustion engine, we have focused on the power. In this circuit the gain is more than two or three tenths”, assured Yusuke Hasegawa in statements to Autosport.

in Addition, the breakage of the gearbox that Alonso suffered in such trainings did not affect this new unit, which was dismantled to be used in the Grand Prix of Austria, where Fernando Alonso will not have any sanctions pending and could have more options for scoring. “From the point of view of reliability, we have not had problems with the combustion engine, so that we can concentrate on the performance”.


Intense weekend for the mechanics of McLaren, who have had to swap the new engine and the old on the car of Fernando Alonso.

it Seems that all the news is good with this update, as Hasegawa has also confirmed that the data collected by the bank of power have been the same as in the circuit, something that, until now, Honda had also had problems. “We have seen the gain through the measurement sensor of the car, and it is the same that we gave in the test bench. We are pleased to have been able to bring this improvement, but if it is reasonable, it is not enough to catch up with the rest of manufacturers. We need to accelerate the process of the next evolution”.

Fernando Alonso, for its part, is satisfied by the improvement, but he insists that the road ahead is so long that the situation will not change in excess of in the upcoming races. “we Believe in the data, and if they say that the engine is delivering more power, is welcome. But obviously the deficit is still very large, so we need to continue down that path”.