Honda ensures that its commitment to the Formula 1 “has not changed”


scarce two points that closes McLaren the table of the classification equipment give good faith of the situation agonizing through Woking, which continues with a Honda engine that isn’t performing and is guilty of fragility in each one of the appointments in the calendar.

despite the large number of penalties that accumulate both pilots of the team so far, the japanese seem to have found the right path, but every step they take much more time than they would like. The ‘Spec 3’ comes to correct the dubious reliability of the old unit, while allowing you to free up some extra power at the heart of the car.

Honda returned to Formula 1 to win

“Honda returned to Formula 1 to win”, says Masashi Yamamoto, chief of the division of sport Honda. “That commitment has not changed. We are having difficulties, but it is because we have changed the concept of the power unit. The council understands the reasons why we decided to change it, we believe that we are now going in the right direction and we think we can improve and win. The members of the board, and I know that this is a long-term project, so let’s continue”.

The biker japanese started from scratch again with a different design, after disposing of his innovative idea after verifying that it was impossible to make it work. “it Is important to address the obstacles and work to overcome them”, assures a convinced Yamamoto. “This is, and has always been, the way of thinking of Honda. We knew that a return to the F1 would be a challenge, but that’s one of the reasons that we return”. Honda has gone through several stages in Formula 1, treading always the podium, something that has not happened or far away on this occasion.

however, Yamamoto clings to that “the spirit of racing remains in Honda”, while guaranteeing that “the council of Honda believes that Hasegawa-San is the right person to lead this project, and we do not have any intention to substitute”. Your post has been a long time in doubt, after a dismissal of Yasuhisa Arai for a project that does not carburó in conditions.

“right Now, we believe that we are working in the same direction that McLaren”. The tension between motorist and a team of Formula 1 increases with the passage of the racing, with a Zak Brown has criticized the japanese for their lack of performance on several occasions, as Eric Boullier. Your future in the category is in danger, and must convince the employers of McLaren to remedy the situation. “we Believe that McLaren is still determined to make this project work. This is not that we do not provide them with a good power unit, but we can not meet the expectations originally set forth in the agreement”.

we Believe that McLaren is still determined to make this project work

The head of Honda rescues the good performance that demonstrates the supplier of propellants in MotoGP as an example of what they are able to achieve. The golden era with Senna in the early ‘90 at the controls of those cars of white color and red is away for a company that will have to work at a feverish pace to try to approach even minimally to what they once were.

Yamamoto confirms that “we have three times the number of people in Sakura that we had at the start of the project”, adding that he mobilized toward the new facilities in the past year, a sign that “we continue to invest in Sakura, hiring new staff and choosing people from other departments, including the mass production”. In addition, it holds that “once everything is in order, it is going to work, we need that conviction”.


Matsushita will play the test of the young riders in Hungary with Sauber despite having to break the contract with Honda for 2018.

Finally, the high office of Honda admits that they are interested in Formula 1 again to be popular in Japan, and confessed that “we believed that Sauber was a good choice to bring the japanese pilots to the category”. The agreement that was joining them for next season has been broken in an official way, after a series of rumors that desvinculaban their roads for months, nearly since closed the pre-contract.

The podium of Kobayashi with the swiss team in Japan 2012 serves as a reference point to establish a collaboration promising, but with the departure of Monisha Kaltenborn to the team, the negotiations were ruined.

“We are in talks with teams”, reveals Yamamoto. – “understanding the calendar for the coming year, we know it will be hard, but we are still trying to have some chance in 2018. If we do not have any client computer, we want to continue with McLaren and get one for 2019”.