Honda EV-Cub Concept:

electrifying myths !

In addition to presenting cutting sports models, such as the Light Weight Super Sport Concept and Neowing, Honda will in the next Tokyo Motor Show , to remember is held in late October, with a new vision Conceptual famous Honda Super Cub , the Honda EV-Cub .

The Honda Super Cub is sold since 1958. In 2014 already had sold 87 million units.

This new perspective of the Honda Super Cub, the Honda EV-Cub, also comes under the label of conceptual and, as you may have imagined following her name comes powered by a electrical mechanics .

Following the custom of Honda with the latter concepts are not disclosed for now any technical specification on the electrical mechanical or power or autonomy.

If we noted that the Japanese firm battery is easily accessible and dismantled allowing us to load more comfortably it does not require an outlet at street or garage. Imagine you live in an apartment without a garage or a public power outlet nearby, you might catch a home battery and recharge in a conventional mobile take as if it were.

classic design, simple details … now just wait to meet your specifications and see Honda’s willingness to take it to production.

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