Honda Fit Cross Style: Style campero, only for Japan

as in Stadiums in America, Honda introduced in Japan, the updating of the current generation of the Fit, which includes some subtle exterior changes and ande an endowment but rich. But in addition, they introduced a new version with aesthetic jacket called “Cross Style”.

Po the markets of Latin America, Honda chose to develop a crossover based on the Fit, which is called WR-V, a model that is found under the HR-V as an alternative more simple and affordable, to meet the needs of those customers with a budget more fit.

however in Japan, the japanese firm has opted to incorporate a new level of finish just an update of half of life of the Fit, which under the name of “Cross Style”, add a touch more van to the small van. This is a solution that and had been applied in Brazil with the Fit of the previous generation, which in this market is marketed under the name Fit Twist.

The new Honda Fit Cross Style adds all the new features that are incorporated in the update of half of life, that debuts new front grille, a bumper of new design and some fog lights new format. In behind were renewed in the bumper and the housings for the drivers rear.

in Addition, the “Cross Style” to incorporate an aesthetic outer more robust, with moldings unpainted plastic in the steps of wheels, the sides and trunk lid, in addition to bumper in specific design and some alloy wheels with specific design and finished diamond.

Under the hood, the Honda Fit Cross Style uses a mechanical hybrid on the basis of a petrol engine i-VTEC 1.5 liter engine in conjunction with an electric thruster, in combination with an automatic change-over with double clutch and 7 speeds.