Honda has already designed a new engine for McLaren

Eric Boullier y AraiHonda is working very hard for the worst season for McLaren to become competitive for the next 2016 world of Formula 1. The disappointment of the fans, faced with such a disaster, with numerous dropouts for reliability and lack of power have not liked at McLaren, not to the leaders from Honda and less to the fans of the team from Woking or its drivers..

In the last race of this season, in the GP of Abu Dhabi, they were pushing the limits of the car of Fernando Alonso, as it was the last race and had no chance after the puncture of classification and of his touch in the output with the resulting penalty. It seems that the data obtained and the times give hopes to the team as reported by Boullier. The time of Alonso with low fuel and soft tyres was only surpassed by Mercedes…

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1therefore, McLaren-Honda finished the season as the began, by performing a test for 2016. A whole season of test, that means a lot of data on the pocket that I hope will translate into results in 2016. Boullier has announced that there will be profound changes in the chassis for 2016, and will be more aggressive with the design, and Arai for its part ensures that promise a new engine that already have been designed. To lack of tokens this year was little they could do, and have been limited to focus its work in the next year.

Boullier has stated that they have used all season as a test to get data that permit to refine the design of 2016 “we will Change the greater part of the car, yes. That does not mean that we are going to change the philosophy of the car, but as we speak now the car of next year is already being developed on the basis of the performance of the car of 2015.“. For its part, Arai also confirmed by the work of Honda, “Our philosophy will continue, but it will be a completely new engine, is now in development. It is designed and tests have already begun. We have a lot of trabaoj ahead to the coming year, so perhaps we will not have vacation after this season, it is good for us to continue working.“.