Honda has already produced 100 million cars around the world

Honda Prelude

Honda, like many other famous brands of cars, not started directly producing cars out of nothing. We have to go back in time to the year 1947 in Hamamatsu, when Soichiro Honda started a company, then called the “Institute Honda Research Techniques,” thank you a bicycle with a small gasoline engine. His motto today remains “The Power of Dreams” (“The Power of Dreams”).

As a specialized in the world of motorcycles, where today it remains a point of reference, in 1963 adventure to launch a light commercial vehicle, the T360, and a sporty, the Honda S500. Just one year later, would launch another model, the S600. Since then he has continued to work with cars and bikes, plus jet skis and even motor-driven tools as, for example, the mower.

In branch auto, Honda currently has five key models that are marketed at the global level, as are the Jazz, Civic and Accord, in addition to being joined to the fashionable SUV to get some better records in sales, with theCR-V and HR-V. The mark of the country of the “Rising Sun” is nothing less than 34 production plants distributed for the five continents.

Honda Civic 2017 Europa

This week is very special for this relatively young brand. And is that Honda us has announced that in its entire history, from the year 1963, has already produced neither more nor less than 100 million vehicles, which have been marketed all over the world.

in Addition, and as you know, Honda is a brand which has countless followers in every corner of the planet, being Civic (born in 1971) the model is more loved by the fans, and the naturally aspirated engines VTEC “the bible” of all passionate about this brand that so much success has been achieved in the world of competition.