Honda has patented a change of 11-speed and 3 clutches


Honda has patented a transmission 11-speed and three clutches

a long time ago that the automatic transmissions ceased to have less gears than manuals. Today what is common is that these are likely to far outweigh the number of relations of the of these so much that the vast majority of the manuals are still five or six speeds, unless one of seven of Porsche, while other automatic as ZF Jaguar Land Rover have 9 relations, or the 10-speed the new Camaro ZL1.

it Seems that Honda has returned to give a step further in the evolutionary leap of transmissions auto-creating a that reaches the dizzying number of 11 speeds. The guys from AutoGuide have discovered a patent of the manufacturer nippon in which is recorded this new transmission. We assume that such a disproportionate number of relationships aims to maximize the efficiency of their vehicle with gear able to reduce the consumption at sustained speed, improve the response time and the fluidity between changes.

11 speeds and three clutches

however, it is not the only thing that fascinates this new transmission since the number of clutches has also been increased incredibly. Accustomed to that usually changes torque converter have one only, and that the dual-clutch offer a more rapidly without interrupting the continuity of the brand, Honda dares to provide such a transmission with three clutches.


Jaguar-Land Rover offers a 9-speed in some models of its range as the Evoque

A greater number of gears prepared for your gear would theoretically the speed and the comfort that you seek in this type of transmissions. It also seems to be that the patent from Honda indicates that a third clutch helps to offset the loss of torque that occurs with the two.

According to data collected by the website, the patent was recorded the past may 27, 2016 by Honda Motor Co Ltd. to appear Izumi Masao as the inventor in the credits. We don’t know for sure if this new transmission will be part of an internal investigation with intentions to bring it to market, presented in a prototype or just one of these investigations that eventually do not end in nothing. Time will tell.