Honda has presented in Thailand, the restyling official of the City

Honda City

three weeks Ago, taught you the first official photo of the Honda City. The brand has published this snapshot to show us how to be beacons of your reestilizada saloon. With it we endulzaba hold until they decided to submit a formal model destined for the thai market. Well, since we don’t have to wait more because Honda has already made public how it will be the final design of that is one of the top-selling cars of the company in the world.

The current generation of the City takes in the market from the year 2013 but, as their lines have not accused the passage of time excessively, the changes that the japanese firm has applied are very subtle. The restyling has been focused on to touch up the headlights main, some of the exterior lines as well as incorporating better materials and finishes on the interior of the passenger compartment.

Honda City

In your new optical groups can now incorporate daytime running light leds in addition to being redesigned to look like the Civic’s. The chrome grille takes greater prominence, and in it the “H” of the brand acquires another dimension. Rounding off the set a new bumper with a few posts of cooling with a renewed design.

The rear of the City is where a lesser number of changes have been introduced. The designers only have slightly changed the color of the housing of the headlights as well as the shape of the rear bumper. Shut changes rear the new alloy wheels as well as a palette of colors for the bodywork modified.

Honda City

The cockpit is another party that also welcomes a few changes. Only have been altered some materials, the seats and the ambient lighting. What has been improved is the equipment that will be able to assemble and includes (depending on the country in which it is sold) six airbags, ESP system, touch screen of seven inches with a new system of info-entertainment and rear view camera among other items.

Their range mechanics remains the same until now, that is to say, maintains the block gasoline 1.5-liter VTEC with 117 HP coupled to a manual change of five speeds or an automatic-type CVT. Will have to see if the versions aimed at the Latin markets incorporate other changes or if it stays the same as the Thai version.

Source – Honda Motors Co

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