Honda has started manufacturing of the new Oddysey

Honda Odyssey

We have a time to report on the commercial launch of the new Odyssey Honda to the united States, Mexico and Canada. This minivan large still enjoys success among the parents on the american continent and Japan. Is, along with the Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica and Kia Sedona, of the few family models large is holding the guy in front of the SUVs and all the way. Therefore, before it became old before their rivals, the managers of the japanese firm decided to take the generation jump.

the fifth generation of The Odyssey on an aesthetic level does not present a radical change, but it has evolved enough to continue in the gap a few more years. In addition, its interior has gained in versatility and breadth so that will continue to count with the approval of the families who require enough space to travel with ease. All this marinated for new aids and assistants to the driving remain in the first positions of sales, as has been accustomed to all these years.

Honda Odyssey

For this reason, the manufacturing of the Honda Odyssey has been launched a few days ago at the factory that has the japanese house in the city Lincoln in Alabama. In addition in this plant, the manufacture of the Odyseey also take place in Japan, because they cover the demand there in your country. This way will cover productive capacities and to avoid having to pay taxes and duties by moving production from one continent to another.

sales of the last generation Odyssey will begin in the united States before the start of the summer. The rest of American markets (Mexico and Canada) must still wait a few months more, as they must meet the demand of the model in its most important market. Their prices still have not been communicated, but there should be no large differences with respect to the outgoing model, despite its evolutionary leap.

A pity that Honda did not dare and the marketed in Europe. They would have their market, but it would not be profitable, since the SUV segment is more juicy and leaves best economic returns.

Source – Honda