Honda HR-V 2015 test: what and against whom compete? What you have in images.

Honda just show the ace hidden up his sleeve. The new Honda HR-V is a product that aims to become the great lever of the brand in Spain. A safe bet for the segment that has been located, but also a model able to get a firm foothold in an increasingly contested category. We have finally been able to taste it, travel to Lisbon to offer this test of the new Honda HR-V 2015 as a step prior to its release. We did a lot of questions. Did we like it? What models be measured? And after we try things much clearer. Did you know that Honda wants to compare his new Honda HR-V 2015 Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi ASX and Mazda CX-3? If that is your reference, will also be ours to put in context.

Honda has put its major rivals around Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi ASX and Mazda CX-3 products for different reasons fit among the alternatives more like this HR-V.

What is it? The Honda HR-V is a compact crossover size, more focused on the road to the field, the territory in which the Honda CR-V has achieved a very good styling reputation over the years. Honda HR-V also plays with that duality, is a [1.99902 million] crossover small for the auction of the C-SUV (Nissan Qashqai) segment, but very large (and very expensive) to consider it as an alternative to B- segment SUV (Nissan Juke). It is only 8 shorter than a Qashqai centimeters.

For its size, dimensions, and space, Honda wants to be measured with the Nissan Qashqai . Imaging, and dimensions, wants to deal with the Mitsubishi ASX (its external dimensions are exactly the same, millimeter above, below mm, although obviously these models have absolutely nothing to do with each other). For new this year, and the idea sought by both Mazda and Honda to position its products one step above SUV general, the Honda HR-V wants to also be measured with the Mazda CX-3. Regarding the latter, remember that Mazda and Honda are going to play a very similar price range.


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me not deny that his aesthetic is attractive. According to Honda, they wanted to create a product with skills and aesthetics SUV space and habitability and design minivan coupe . Define the Honda HR-V as a coupe would go too far, but if you look at specific details such as the design of the front, or the collapse of the roof at the rear, at least understand how Honda has sought to distance, many distances, with the robust design and the CR-V camper. Curiously, Honda assured us that this design not only meets aesthetic issues, but also practical, to improving its aerodynamics for a slight advantage in terms of efficiency and stability.

One of the most important battles, which deliver the Mazda CX-3, will design . The customer is looking more and more products that are out of the norm, and a clone market, the Honda and Mazda – in my humble opinion -. Probably the most original products

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-11-1440px About those traits with the Honda HR-V aims to present itself as a SUV with coupe line, look at the details of the door handles hidden in the corner of the pillar Rear .

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-06-1440px From the Honda HR-V most basic, missing more, there will be alloy wheels between 16 and 17 inches .


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Details of attractive design, as these pilots LED rear, also standard .

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-12-1440px Faros “full LED ” with automatic connection of light reaching (standard on Executive). We could not test them properly, because all our driving has elapsed during the day.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-39-1440px antenna type “shark fin” , not to break the roof line.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-25-1440px On board the feeling is really nice. The perceived quality is at a good level . Fluffy on the dashboard, a team of entertainment and navigation with touch screen 7 “and all oriented towards the driver. The driving position is comfortable and the quality of the seats have liked, at least with the mixed leather upholstery and fabric Executive line that equipped our test units.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-21-1440px Being oriented towards the driver , the entertainment and navigation equipment is very visible and comfortable in handling.


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technological and quality details like that climate control interface is fully touch . Although often prefer the precision of a “physical” button or rotating, I must say that manipulation of this system is comfortable.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-16-1440px The onboard computer is simple, too , with just a screen LCD on the right side. Honda could have worked in a friendlier, complete and GUI. In any case the dashboard I like. The instrumentation is large and very clear.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-27-1440px And here the first reason for Honda dares to fight major products priori that the HR-V, like the Qashqai own. A trunk with a capacity, a useful volume of 470 liters! The ASX approves Qashqai 442 liters and 439 liters only. The Mazda CX-3, with up to 350 liters, can never compete with the trunk of the HR-V. And that is a fact to be taken into account in the Honda, as there will be many customers who can see their needs met with HR-V and opting for Mazda, have to climb a step up to a CX-5.

But let me tell you about this in detail later, because space and the habitability of Honda HR-V goes a long way.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-14-1440px The Honda HR-V 2015 is available with three mechanical combinations. There will be a diesel – our favorite, later you cont arem carefully why – the 1.6 i-DTEC 120 hp . There will also be a gasoline engine, the 1.5 i-VTEC 130 hp, which in turn will be available with manual transmission and change CVT . For our part, we were able to test both the diesel and the petrol, both with manual transmission.

This Honda HR-V sold in Europe only (for now) with front traction, although it is technically possible to provide it with all-wheel drive (indeed in other international markets is sold with AWD). The possibility of reaching Spain a HR-V with four-wheel drive is in the air, and although Honda Spain not anticipated events is a possibility that should not be discounted.


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Do not go very far, in the coming days I will continue talking about Honda HR-V, especially space and motors.

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honda-hr-v-2015-precios-mdm-32-1440px Honda HR-V: from € 21,200, this is the crossover with which Honda Nissan Qashqai attacks ASX and CX-3

Honda HR-V 2015

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