Honda illustrated in thousands of papers and a minute history

Honda is probably one of the best brands that produce videos illustrating the milestones of your brand, and especially remembering that not only produced cars and motorcycles. I am convinced that at least has the merit of being the one that produces the most original videos. And to show a button. His last video presents the story of Honda illustrations based paper (thousands, according to Honda) concatenated to remind us where they have brought those dreams.

eg Honda recalls how he started developing the first motorcycles, street to the competition, homage to the Isle of Man included. Also how their engines are applied in navigation, how to evolve their cars and how technology ended up being used, once again competing in Formula 1. There tribute to ASIMO , for their lawnmowers, his quad and missing more, for one of his last and most impressive creations, his jet. Culminating with the last star, with Honda NSX .

Source: Honda
In motor: Honda NSX : life, work and miracles of the Last Samurai

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