Honda insists that give exclusivity to McLaren is a drag


Honda has been reluctant to follow the strategy of McLaren on several occasions. It even came to negotiate with Red Bull Racing to supply engines for the season 2016, but Ron Dennis vetoed the agreement and Eric Boullier has insisted on several occasions that the japanese will not be able to extend your client portfolio while the engine does not offer a competitive yield.

Boullier believes that, while this does not happen, it is important for Honda to focus 100% on improving the engine, instead of diversifying its resources between multiple computers. But Yusuke Hasegawa, head of Honda Racing, takes the opposite view, while acknowledging that currently do not have the necessary infrastructure. “Yes, yes, I think so. If we had more computers would be better. But to do this, we need more resources in terms of engineers and we are currently not prepared for that, but maybe we should be already prepared”, said Hasegawa in a statement to the magazine RACER.

when you translate the words to deeds

The start of 2017 has been very disappointing, but Hasegawa is confident that it can improve throughout the season and in that a first step is now visible in Melbourne. “In terms of performance, there is room for improvement with mapping for better power delivery and with a broader analysis, we are able to make additional changes in order to be ready in Melbourne. We know that we are on the right path and we will continue our efforts to increase our competitiveness throughout the season”.


Hasegawa is aware that the new concept has complicated things in this initial phase, and that Fernando Alonso calls for an early evolution proven with facts and not with words. “The best teams started in 2016 at a very high level, while we started out worse, but we got better and better. The evolution was very positive, but we this year we have changed the concept and we still have much more work to catch up. But, of course, Fernando expected a rapid improvement and they should be. We have to demonstrate our good performance not only with words. That is more important”, commented a Hasegawa who is enduring a lot of pressure to achieve the objectives set, both by McLaren as per the direction of Honda.