Honda, interestingly, is opposed to the withdrawal of the MGU-H

Yasuhisa Arai en el box de McLaren-HondaF1 is in the midst of a battle between motorists and the leaders of the FIA and the FOM. Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone have had to take measures to have more power over manufacturers, since these had a great power until the time. In fact, the proposal of lowering the prices of the engines was rejected by the veto of Ferrari, who objected to give motors more inexpensive.

The independent motors are also in the air by the refusal of the bikers today, but everything seems to indicate that Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone will push to finally be supported, otherwise the F1 could continue falling sharply in audience terms, if it can fall even more than it already has fallen in the last few seasons by the lack of competitiveness, and the new hybrid engines.

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1well, now, interestingly, it has been Honda which has been denied to stop using the unit MGU-H and replace it with another cheaper unit called the e-booster, which is a system similar to the current but without the energy recovery of the turbo. It seems that Honda has an interest in that part, maybe keep something in the unit, since they have been opposed to their removal as suggested by Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari… in this way would reduce costs and would avoid the entry of independent motors.

Until January 15, 2016, manufacturers will have time to discuss, after this deadline will be closed deadlines for new proposals. The World Board will announce the results on the 31st day of that same month and would take effect for 2018, although Todt wants to move it forward to 2017. But the most striking thing is that Honda has been the rider who has most suffered with the MGU-H and now do not want to leave it, and perhaps have advanced a lot in this for the next 2016, otherwise it is a decision absurd.